Protect Your Fence
with pre stained fence pickets

We offer PRE-STAINED wood for new fence construction! Now you can add the beauty of color to your fence by utilizing our dedicated fence stain and sealer Wood Defender. With our pre stained fence pickets, you will have a beautifully installed fence that will be sealed and protected on the day your fence is installed. 

Our wood fence stain comes in 7 beautiful colors: Black Walnut, Cedar Tone, Chestnut, Clear Glow, Leatherwood, Oxford Brown, and Redwood. Our top 3 colors being Cedar Tone, Leatherwood, and Clear Glow. Save yourself the work and let us stain your fence, board by board with our stain machine.


The importance of timing the moment that your fence will need finishing depends on many variables and requires an experienced professional’s seasoned judgment. Don’t ruin your investment by thinking the internet can replace our expert opinion.


Different types of wooden fencing require specific types of stain and sealer, and the age and health of the wood create additional variables to consider when deciding on a stain and sealer. We know what works best and we’d like to pass our wisdom on to you.


If you tried to take on the task of properly staining and sealing your fence you’d likely end up with something that might look nice for a short while but if you want that flawless look that’ll raise some eyebrows for decades to come then you should call us.