Fence installation services

Whether you want a wood, vinyl, or metal fence for your property, Huber fencing has a variety of fence styles ready for installation in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding area. Check out some of our styles and materials below to learn and make an informed decision for your new fence installation. Once you’ve decided on a fence style, feel free to reach out for a free consultation to get started!

Fence Styles

Ornamental Steel

Ornamental steel fence is unparalleled in strength and quality.  It can be adapted to most any terrain while withstanding the impact of weathering while remaining untouched by time.  This type of fence offers an array of customizable options to enhance your property with your own style.

Farm and Ranch

When selecting the best fence for your property, there are additional factors to consider, along with your budget and timeline. What kind of animals do you own and how many will you be containing? Will your animals be rubbing, leaning, or providing impact to the fence? These questions are just a start to planning your fence installation using Centaur fence products. Huber Fencing is a Centaur dealer in the central Iowa region.

Centaur Fence System – This is a deluxe horse-friendly fence system. Each rail is embedded with three strands of 12.5-gauge high tensile steel wire providing superior strength and flexibility. This is available in white, black, and brown.

Hot Rail Fence System – This system contains a conductive bead that eliminates the need for a separate hot wire installation.

CenFlex Fence System – This one-piece “belt loop” design allows the fence rail to move freely between the line bracket and the fence post. This promotes easy tension adjustment and flexibility upon impact.

White Lighting Fence System – White lightning contains three carbon veins for optimum conductivity. This three-point shock design provides 360 degrees of charge, while safety coated to prevent injury while promoting fence respect.

PolyPlus Fence System – PolyPlus is a permanent non-electric high tensile coated wire fence system. The 12.5-gauge high tensile steel wire is embedded in a polymer coating for a safer and more visible wire fence.


We use only Cedar Wood to custom-build each fence. Though there are many wood styles to choose from, you can enhance any wood fence with our pre-stain option.

We can stain/seal each board with our stain machine prior to your installation. We offer 3 stain/seal colors: Cedar Tone, Leather Wood, and Sable Brown. We are dedicated to using the Wood Defender stain/seal product: WOOD DEFENDER.

If you do not want us to pre-stain your fence, we are also a dealer for the Wood Defender stain product. You can purchase the stain directly from us and stain your fence at your convenience…


Chain-link is a perfect choice for owners who need the strength and protection of a fence that also blends in beautifully with the environment. It is a sturdy yet affordable fencing solution. We have four different colors of chain-link: black, brown, galvanized, and green. There are also slats that can be added to customize the chain-link fence and to add a semi private view.


Similar to ornamental steel in looks, aluminum is very durable and requires very little maintenance as well as no peeling, flaking, or rusting. Our aluminum fencing is available in three different grades that will increase in durability at each level: Independence, Independence Plus, and Independence Premium. With the variety of grades and styles, endless fence designs can be created to satisfy every taste and budget.


Vinyl fencing is a 100% PVC which allows for a product that will not peel, flake, corrode, or rust. There are a variety of fence styles, colors, and accessories that allows you to create your “own look” with little-to-no maintenance needed.


If your business requires a heavier quality, sturdier type of fence, look no further. We have installed commercial chain link fences at many daycares, dog kennels, and hotels, to mention a few. Each business requires special attention to detail, we work to accomplish this with each business.


Woven wire fence, also called field fence, is usually installed in very specific situations. It’s great for keeping predators out and livestock in and is incredibly sturdy considering how thin it might look. There are a number of different knots that can be applied to installing a woven wire fence, and when you give us a call we can go over them with you in order to find an option that suits your needs.